Modern and French Country Furniture by Roche Bobois

If you have not been in a Roche Bobois furniture studio then you are really missing out. Roche Bobois, the Paris based European modern / French country furniture collection is top notch in construction, design, and materials. The first thing you will notice is the originality of their design, a look that is definitely not taken from anything but true inspiration. Design greats like Sacha Lakic, Jacques Luzeau, and Hans Hopfer make up just a few of the designers who have contributed to the stunning collection. Hans Hopfer who is best known for his “sofas close to the earth” and Sacha Lakic who’s Speed Up collection which makes use of modern technology and 60’s inspiration, set this wonderful furniture line apart. Sure there is a lot of difference between modern and French country, however Roche Bobios manages to be on the forefront in both categories.

France Furniture.jpg
French Furniture.jpg
French Provincial Furniture.jpg