Modern Glass Showers Italian Style by Antonio Lupe

The modern bathroom and glass shower concept takes on a very clean look with assistance from Antonio Lupi Design S.p.A. of Italy. Their shower trays and enclosures are as light and simple as the water flowing through and over them with only the basic and necessary design elements. The Antonio Lupe series of showers are the perfect compliment to a full series of bathroom accoutrements which include bath tubs, sinks, taps, lighting, and sanitation products for a tastefully modern bathroom concept. I really like the use of Corian and teak wood available in their shower flooring which adds a touch of old and new breaking up the monochromatic look. Visit Antonio Lupe for a great look at your future bathroom.

contemporary glass showers and modern bathroom antonio lupi

antonio lupe italian modern showers and bathroom concepts
antonio lupe modern showers and bathroom accessories