Modern square dining room tables from Elite

The Elite furniture company from California has really stepped up to the plate and worked with some leading American designers to create an awesome modern line of original works. Elite has combined wood, metal, and glass for a timeless and sophisticated look that is quite distinct and structurally sound. The Tangent square dining room table is one of my favorite pieces which works well with several of their matching dining chair and barstool combinations. Tangent is available in rectangle, square, and round to fit any room setting. Square or rectangular tables often fit in a room better than rounded varieties. In addition, the small square variety is great for a loft or apartment where you want to maximize space and yet be able to entertain for a dinner party. Available in 48″ round, 42×74″ rectangle, and 54″ square dining tables, and 48″ square bar table 36″ high. Various wood and metal finishes available.

Elite Dining Room Tables