Modern Lighting : 5 Hanging Lamps to Brighten Any Room

Lights are a necessity in every environment but ordinary lighting is not. Eurofase Lighting specializes in cutting edge lamps and lighting that is any thing but ordinary, and a few of their designs have even set industry standards with the company’s flair for contemporary design continually promoting emerging lamp technologies. Eurofase Lighting is credited with introducing several new design and technology trends such as the “hockey-puck” miniature fixture – introduced in the early 1990’s with the original design is still being sold today. Here are 10 modern pendant lamps from the Euofase Lighting collection that I really like and I hope you do too.

ceiling mounted residential lighting eurofase
contemporary halogen lighting and lights
contemporary halogen lighting hanging lamps eurofase
eurofase round modern pendant hanging lamp
galss globe hanging lamp modern lighting eurofase