Modern Washing Machine Concept Sits Right Inside the Closet

We showed you plenty of home appliances so far, including various washing machines concepts but they were not like this one. This modern washing machine concept is made for the busy professional that requires utmost efficiency. The washing machine will be installed right inside your closet and that’s where you will deposit your dirty shirts in the evening only to find them clean and fresh waiting for you in the morning. The washing machine uses humidity, ionization, ozone and air pressure to do away with all the dirt and thus you’ll have clean clothes to wear right from your closet, without you having to drop off and pick up dry cleaning on your way to and from work. The question is, what happens with all the dirt and bacteria that get removed from your clothes?

Washing Machine Concept 1.jpg
Washing Machine Concept 2.jpg

Washing Machine Concept 3.jpg
Washing Machine Concept 4.jpg