The i 4 Mariani’s Moore Dining Table by Umberto Asnago

Contemporary metal table with marble top

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The Moore dining table is a Contemporary metal table with marble top, glass or wood. A collection that pays tribute to the tradition of the dining room with a table whose apparent metal structure is reminiscent of the shape of Japanese samurai swords.

The designer, Umberto Asnago, is renowned as a person who is fully capable of facing, with great professionalism, the rapid evolution that characterize the furniture sector.
His design for i 4 MARIANI, the Moore dining table collection, tries to revive the dining room and aims to reflect the personal style of the homeowner.

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If you are one of hose people who can’t help but invite everyone in your home to celebrate just about anything, the Moore collection will certainly help you in every party you throw because having the right dining room table can set the atmosphere for every mealtime with family or with friends.

Larger rooms can hold larger pieces and still look in proportion. Moore pieces are available in two options, the oval piece that is 240 centimeters in length and the round one that has 140 centimeters in diameter, to meet the needs of every space. The round or oval tops are available in marble, in black walnut wood or in bronzed smoked glass while the base is available in white matte varnished steel, black matte or in satin bronze.

the moore dining table

Dining furniture sets usually come with matching chairs to gain a favorable look for the environment. The seats for this dining collection are available covered in fabric or leather with frames made of poplar plywood curved in mould and upholstered with contoured sheets of CFC‐free polyurethane foam.

Even though the name suggests some sort of technological something, the “i 4 Mariani” is the Italian for “The 4 Mariani” and dates back in 1957 when the four Mariani brothers founded the company. All brothers are still active in the Company today and are dedicated as always to manufacture furniture for everyone who loves comfort combined with the finest materials and finishing.

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dining table by Umberto Asnago

Contemporary metal table with marble top