More Than Meets the Eye: 10 Pieces of Fold-Out Furniture

We recently published a post about convertible furniture and noticed, as usual, the spike in popularity that occurs when we share something that’s both suitable for a small space and designed toward a specific aesthetic end instead of just functionality alone.  When we blend style and substance into a menu of small space solutions, people seem to take notice.  So today, we’ve gotten specific and rounded up ten pieces of fold-out furniture; now you see it, now you don’t, and it’s only there when you need it to be.  In the ever-shrinking spaces in which we live to stay within our means and remain conscious of our impact on the world we leave behind, furnishings like these make all the difference.

zebra chair

The Zebra Chair from Dieter Paul



bed desk combo

Fold-Out Bed & Desk Combo from BonBon



folding director's chair

Folding Chair by Mogens Koch



kids folding furniture

Kids’ Fold-Up Furniture from Foldschool



fold-out lounger

The Drop Chair-Daybed-Lounge from Cerutti Baleri



modern minimalist dining table

The Monolith Metal Table & Chairs from Gioia Design



twisted folding stool

The One Shot Stool by MGX



folding chair on wheels

The TRINUS Chair from COR Germany



pallet folding chairs

Upcycled Pallet Folding Chairs from Gas & Air Studios



wall-mounted fold-out desk

Black Alden Convertible Desk from World Market


Alden fold-out desk found at World Market.