The Motorized Salento Sun Umbrella

Stay in The Shade With The Motorized Salento Garden Umbrella

Unopiu is proud to offer one of the most stylish garden umbrellas available in the market, the Salento. Enjoying a light breeze in the shade on a sunny day is one of the best ways to relax, and the pure, feel-good relaxation is always in the silence of your garden or your private pool. There is no need to retreat from your outdoor haven when there is a parasol to provide suitable protection.

Salento Garden Umbrella

Unopiu offers this great collection of garden umbrellas, enabling maximum enjoyment even in hot sunny days, for chilling out in the shade. Practical and handy, they are artisan made with great attention to quality and details.
The Salento sun umbrella introduces total flexibility when it comes to positioning in the outdoor space, thanks to its innovative design which will ensure easy movement and positioning. Salento is one of the few parasols that can swivel 360 degrees and is easy to direct as needed, to ensure perfect shade at all times of the day.

modern sunshade design


The high quality, resistance and innovative design of the Unopiu parasols make them the ideal accessory for your garden, patio or pool, built to create a peaceful outdoor space in the shade. A garden parasol by Unopiu comes with a structure that is made of strong iron and solid wood, applied with a high-quality finish to protect it from untimely ruin. Above all that, the Salento garden umbrella also uses tested materials, proven to dissipate heat and light in order to provide a shaded area to relax in. The top of the umbrellas are also UV and water resistant as well as very easy to clean, therefor your parasol is guaranteed to remain a beautiful addition to any outdoor space for a very long time and will also maintain its stylish looks. Protect yourself this summer enjoying whatever weather is throwing at us from the shade of your own Unopiu garden umbrella.

The Motorized Salento Sun Umbrella

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