The Munsinger Kernstein Stone Block Kitchen Islands

Natural Stone​​ with its special features and possibilities are Georg Hauser’s passion. The Munsinger Kernstein Stone Block kitchen islands collection are one of the latest designs of the German family owned business, Hauser Naturstein.

Munsinger Kernstein Stone Block Kitchen Islands

Since 1999, the stonemason has transformed kitchen and bathroom furniture into an work of art using natural big block stone into his creations, and managed to gain European recognition for his works. The solidity and naturalness of the material plays the central role here and determine the basic optics and feel of these extraordinary final results.
These durable, heat-resistant, luxurious pieces of furniture are a beautiful and practical addition to any home. Natural stone countertops are sleek looking and have a touch of finesse about them.

Natural stone countertops

The stone block kitchen island draws its name from the Munsinger Kernstein type of stone from the German region, Franconia. A stone that is about 250 million years old and was created by the deposition and consolidation of mussels, snail shells and plant relics. So, other then having a state of the art kitchen when owning one of these islands you are also the owner of a piece of Earth’s history.


rough stone countertop

Each countertop is carved with technologically advanced tools, finished entirely by hand using local craft techniques and placed on top of a durable sideboard with drawers made of steel and wood insertions. Hauser Naturstein is using this way three of the most common materials in the world in a design that offers both aesthetics and functionality. Other then the design, the kitchen islands are specially equipped after professional requirements, combining premium quality with the passion for cooking.

The goal of the Munsinger Kernstein stone block kitchen islands collection series is to bring the high quality and aesthetics of premium materials in the contemporary kitchen design. Natural stone blocks with their wild, rough structures and gentle hand-crafted finishes create exciting, visible and tangible experiences.

Natural stone kitchen cabinets

thick stone kitchen islands

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