Niagara Transparent Faucet Tells The Temperature With Color

The Niagara faucet in the pictures below is not just a simple faucet, but you guessed that already, didn’t you? This particular design comes with a tint of magic, as the faucet will always tell you how hot the water running though the faucet is. The Niagara faucet uses economic LED lights that illuminate the transparent design according to the temperature of the water: red means hot, blue means cold while violet means warm; so I guess it’s pretty clear what color you’re going to favor. The Niagara transparent faucet is a great addition to your modern bathroom design that will certainly impress your guests every time they’re going to turn on the water. Are you already thinking about getting it?

Niagara Transparent Faucet 1.jpg
Niagara Transparent Faucet 2.jpg

Niagara Transparent Faucet 3.jpg
Niagara Transparent Faucet 4.jpg