Night-Night Chest of Drawers by Riva 1920

No bedroom is complete without a gorgeous chest of drawers. It is smaller and less awkward than a wardrobe and provides extra storage for frequently used items. A chest of drawers solves various storage problems that a wardrobe does not. It is the perfect place to arrange your jumpers, underwear, and other items that often sit unsorted in a wardrobe. This sideboard doesn’t take up a lot of space which makes it perfect for small houses. When looking for a storage unit that will seamlessly fit in to any room, look no further than the Night-Night Chest of Drawers by Riva 1920. This unique piece of furniture will add aesthetic appeal to a room and act as a focal point.


Night-Night Chest of Drawers by Riva 1920


If your bedroom lacks stand-alone furniture, use the Night-Night chest of drawers as focal point and design the whole room around it. Its clean lines will give your bedroom a neat, chic appearance.


bedroom storage unit

Beautify your bedroom


Terry Dwan stylishly merges functionality and design with the Night-Night Chest of Drawers. From the living area to the bedroom, this furniture piece will fit into any room setting. Its structure is made of solid and multilayer walnut wood while its handles and drawers are made of solid wood. The drawers are assembled using dovetail joints. You will simply love everything about this piece, from its neat appearance to its distinctive style. It will quickly become one of your favorite furniture pieces and you’ll enjoy showing it off to all who visit your home.


Are your bedroom nighttables as gorgeous as the Night-Night Chest of Drawers?