Night Night, Sleep Tight: 10 Modern Bedside Lamps

gun lamp
Flos Bedside Light by Philippe Starck

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Let’s just be honest: nobody wants to do anything today.  If you’re stateside, after all that turkey and all those desserts, the thought of springing up out of bed and hitting those Black Friday sales is less than appealing.  So we’ve rounded up a series of sweet modern bedside lamps to help you lie in bed browsing the ads for those doorbuster events few of us actually wake up in time for… or at the very least, to help us wake up just long enough to tell those crazy out-of-town houseguests how to get to the mall in record time before we drift back off to sleep.  In any event, we hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Enjoy today’s roundup, and sweet dreams!

10 Modern Bedside Lamps


zen bedside lamp


chrome miniature lamp


driftwood lamp


unusual bedside light


black glass lamp


paillette lamp


unique bedside lamp


turquoise bedside lamp



Driftwood lamps found at Marza Shop.