No More No Less Quantitative Tap

Save water, save the Planet. No I have not joined Greenpeace but there is absolute truth in this noble belief and designer Jasper Hou also adheres to it. His “No More No Less,” Faucet is a brilliant piece of work as it strives to cut down water wastage and promoting water conservation. “No More No Less,” as the name indicates is a quantitative tap that has been equipped with a pre-control. N.M.N.L. that pre-measures the water flow in different settings. The on board LCD screen which is powered by the kinetic energy of flowing water gives information regarding control, temperature etc. There is also a nifty little 30 second meter which turns of the faucet after 30 seconds.

No More No Less Quantitative Tap
No More No Less Tap

Via Yanko Design

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