Noise Reducing Drapes Made From Polyester Yarn

So do you live in a noisy neighborhood? Or are you just a very light sleeper that gets easily disturbed with sound? Well one option is soundproofing your house (which is always expensive) or getting the ¬†Noise Reducing Drapes. Available on HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER, the Noise Reducing Drapes have been designed to reduce the amount of noise entering through a window by up to 40%. Tested by an independent sound laboratory, the drapes have been manufactured from tightly bound triple weave of polyester yarn that absorbs sound waves. So be it a loud lawnmower or traffic on the street, the sound waves emitted by them get absorbed by the curtains. The patented weave also blocks 99% of light to create pitch black sleeping conditions and the natural insulative properties also ensure that an equilibrium temperature is maintained. Measuring 52″ x 84″, a set of two curtains will cost $59.95.