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Eduardo Clementi's masterpiece

Nomi Daybed by Belta: Futuristic Relaxation

Drawing inspiration from the past, especially from classic modern designs, is a common theme for many designers. Other designers prefer to dream up futuristic design concepts which attract a lot of attention. In designing the Nomi Daybed for Belta, architect Eduardo Clementi demonstrates that futuristic concepts can indeed be functional, comfortable and can adapt to the dynamic needs of a modern home. He skillfully uses stainless metal and traditional upholstery to display its sheer innovation and modern aspirations.


Nomi Daybed by Belta

upholstered leather cylinders daybed


Bearing a stark resemblance to an ultramodern musical instrument, this daybed seems deceptively intimidating. However, its deliberate construction mimics the natural curvature of the human body and promises comfort and a surprising ergonomic support for the back. Borrowing inspiration from the classic divan, the Nomi Daybed by Belta is set in a solid, stand-alone stainless steel structure that makes up the underlying construction. Leather-upholstered cylindrical elements are then horizontally mounted onto the steel construction. The result is a visually appealing ascendance of cylindrical elements right from one end of the seat up to the headrest, in the precise shape of a seated human body.


Nomi Daybed by Belta


Dressed in several colors of leather upholstery, Nomi will dynamically blend in and add a noticeable dash of elegance and modishness to any interior or exterior space. Black upholstery will offer a sophisticated relaxation for the modern home, while white leather will flatter clean, minimalist interiors. A dark brown shade is a perfect choice for a neutral theme.

Which color of the Nomi daybed would best compliment your interior space?


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