Not Your Dad’s Footrest: 10 Cool Ottomans

Ottomans aren’t generally thought of as cutting-edge pieces of furniture, nor are they particularly cool to look at.  More functional than fashionable, they’ve long served a purpose in that they’re there to serve the specific duty of giving us a place to kick up our feet and relax.  Today’s roundup, though, unearths some inventive and even cool ottomans that liven up a space a little with cool, unexpected colors, shapes and finishes.  Here, utility doesn’t come only at the expense of style.  So put your dogs up and enjoy today’s images of literal laid-back weekend relaxation.

cool ottomans

Grass Ottoman by Nancy Favier


cool ottoman

Candy Ottoman from Jensen-Lewis


tufted ottoman

Chartreuse Tufted Ottoman at Highpoint Market


studded ottoman

Ivory Studded Ottoman by Shine by Sho


leather ottoman

Leather Ottoman from Bassett Furniture


patterned ottoman

Patterned Ottoman Series by Pal + Smith


cowhide ottoman

Pixelated Cowhide Ottoman Pair by Phases Africa


turquoise pouf

Soft Ottoman from Brown Jordan


modern ottomans

Hectagonal Ottoman by Nate Berkus


knit floor poufs

Urchin Poufs by Flocks



Urchin poufs found at Hip Urban Green.