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The Gorge Coffee Table by Ramei Keum

Not Your Mom’s Living Room: 5 Masculine Modern Coffee Tables

There’s nothing sweet and precious about these bold, angular hunks of wood.  This collection of dark, masculine modern coffee tables is sumptuous and aggressive — a strong shot of coffee rather than a light cup of tea. With origins spanning the world over, these tables reflect a host of varying design sensibilities, but each and every one features dark, inviting wood tones and sharp, strong edges.  Call us presumptuous if you’d like, but we’re pretty sure these guys don’t mind if you put your feet up or forget to use a coaster.

angular coffee table
The Gorge Coffee Table by Ramei Keum

tiered coffee table
The Harwich Tiered Coffee Table

modern coffee table
The Trio Table by Rick Lee

masculine coffee table
The 460 Coffee Table by User Design

mid-century modern coffee table
The Balance Coffee Table by Terence Conran

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