black ikea cooktop

NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop From IKEA

You don’t need to fancy yourself as a “Masterchef” to cook up a storm and a functional cooktop will suffice as well. IKEA has a great collection of cooktops and the NUTID in particular caught my eye. The NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop is the perfect mesh of form and function and features radiant cooking zones that give an even heat. The cooktop is available in a shade of white and comes equipped with a touch-control panel with locking function for increased safety. The onboard two variable cooking zones provide even and effective heat adapted to the shape and size of the cookware and you can purchase the NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop for $599.00.NUTID Glass Ceramic Cooktop From IKEA

white Glass Ceramic Cooktop

black ikea cooktop



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