Old Meets Bold: Quirky Furniture from POLaRT

It’s not often a tufted chaise lounge can be called “outlandish,” “jaw-dropping” or “bold.” But the wild and wacky minds behind POLaRT (a name formed by the amalgamation for “polymers” and “artistic” mashed together) know exactly how to blend two such disparate things.  The Texas- and Mexico-based brand uses polyurethane injection instead of wood for the frames of their quirky furniture, covering their creations in fantastically bold primary, secondary and tertiary colors that seem to know no limits when it comes the the question of subtlety.  Their chaise lounges, easy chairs and more command attention with their eye-popping hues and sleek, ultramodern plastic textures. Known primarily for their outdoor furniture poking a bit of fun at the admittedly stuffy trappings of royal decor, the brand has several main collections, including the “Mainstream” series, several elements of which are shown here.  The brand says its statement pieces are “often described as fun, urban-chic design” and calls its works a “unique expression.” Quite frankly, we can’t argue with that one bit.  Throw together a mix of centuries-old design and 1980s brights and you’ve got one heck of a conversation-worthy combination.


Quirky Furniture from POLaRT

Photo credits: POLaRT