JO-A custom spiral stairs

The Unique Olmo Double-spiral Staircase with Storage

The Olmo double-spiral staircase with storage is a one of a kind project designed by Jo-A for a private residence in Brussels. When opting for a spiral staircase you never expect to get three products in one, but in this case the end result is a staircase, a sculpture and an ingenious storage system.

Staircase with Storage

Once you will see this two spiral staircase with storage that has been formed by stacked wooden cases you will be convinced that it perfectly fits the space its placed in. The wooden storage “boxes” create a frame that is surprisingly rigid and stable, despite the fact that Olmo has no central shaft and its held in place only by the white steel hangings. Hence, the design can be seen by all and the spiral effect is much more powerful. This really manages to steal the show, and lifts the aesthetic level of the apartment to a new scale. Being a custom made item, the designers precisely calculated the diameter and the height of the steps that would match the needs of all the inhabitants and decided that a diameter of 1.6 meters would be the perfect choice. A diameter that would offer comfortable access, limited incline and at the same time, occupy the least amount of space in the room.

OlmO! Staircase by Jo-a

One would probably think that the small cases created by the steps are only intended for storage or for placing small decorative objects. But that’s not all! The boxes have been specially designed by Jo-A designers to guarantee the rigidity of the 4 meters tall staircase, and they were actually essential in the creation of this particularly high project. Another surprising detail is the passage of light from one floor to the other. This is another particularity that was  intended in order to make the design details show much more effectively.

JO-A custom spiral stairs

designer wood stairs

Double-spiral Staircase

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