On Display: 10 Sleek Curio Cabinet Designs

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Curved Curio Cabinet from Tonin Casa Design

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Curio cabinets rose to prominence several generations ago as a means through which to display trinkets, treasures and family heirlooms.  Nearly every suburban home in the 1960s through the 1980s had at least a corner curio with five or six shelves housing vases, china or collectible family figurines and ornaments.  The dated oak-and-glass designs of yesteryear have thankfully been replaced with much sleeker successors, some more ornate than others but all simpler and much more chic than those that came before them.  It stands to reason that the background shouldn’t compete with the objets d’art on display, and today’s roundup gets the job done with dignity. I am a big fan of the curved and bent glass designs as they offer such an interesting look and classy touch to any room. We hope you find one that works perfectly in your interior design plans.

curved curio cabinet
Curved Cabinet from Tonin Casa Design



modern display cabinet
Modloft Amsterdam Modern Display Cabinet



modern glass curio cabinet
From Sempra



sliding glass door curio cabinet
Nottinghill with Sliding Door



floating curio cabinet
The Float from JM



slim curio cabinet
Bellini Modern Catania in Espresso



classic display cases
Classic Display Cases by Luminati



silver and glass curio cabinet
Bellini Modern Living Celeste Cabinet in Silver



abstract modern display cabinet
Askew from Global Furniture



wave curio cabinet
Lola from Ello

It’s great that these 10 curio cabinet designs move beyond our traditional thought of a solid wood unit that is very formal.  These accents can be fun, whimsical and add flair to any room of the house.  Also, it’s great that they offer storage and a way to showcase some important family heirlooms or items that you collect.