On the Road Again with Balouga’s “Miles” Carpet for Kids

It was one thing to play with little toy cars when we were children, making grooves into the carpet of our bedrooms and pretending the lines were racetracks.  It’s quite another, these days, to let a child play on Balouga’s “Miles Carpet,” designed by Big Game with the explicit intention of providing a delightfully squiggly road on which to “drive” toy cars around and around on an infinite set of intertwining loops. Big Game’s intent was so explicit, in fact, that the 150 cm x 100 cm rug comes with three toy cars included.  Available in two models and a variety of colors, the fanciful floor covering is available for your child (or your own grown-up rec room; we won’t tell a soul!)
On the Road Again with Balouga's "Miles" Carpet for Kids
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