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The Pagina Bookshelf by Cassina

Once Upon a Time: 10 Amazing Home Libraries

It’s true that reading is fundamental, and while some may decry the death of printed books, there’s something soothing and inspiring about being surrounded by dozens if not hundreds of tomes.  Today’s roundup brings together ten amazing home libraries; some are enclosed rooms all on their own, while others show the inventive ways in which their respective bookworms have chosen to outfit a wall, a loft or an otherwise small space with their literary favorites from end to end.  From a traditional study complete with rolling ladder to a bookshelf that quite literally looks like an open book, just imagine all the brilliant thoughts contained in each of these thoughtfully-curated spaces.  From an interior design perspective today’s post contains ten completely different yet absolutely perfect happily-ever-afters.

pagina bookshelf
The Pagina Bookshelf by Cassina


wall to wall bookshelves
Book Balcony via Sweet Home Style


chic home library
Bright Feminine Library via Elements of Style


amazing home libraries
Landing Wall Library by Eric Staudenmaier


amazing home library
Library Furniture by Neville Johnson UK


home library shelving
Library Shelving by IKEA


home library ideas
Library Wall via Shelterness


modern study
Modern Study by M2 Interior Design


two-story bookshelves
Two-Story Library Shelving by Jan Baldwin


tall bookshelves
Writers Retreat by Gianni Botsford

Blonde library furniture found at Neville Johnson (UK).

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