Open Shelving Ideas: Adding Valuable Space to your Interiors

Storage within a home is like a gold mine.  Many homes are chosen off of the market because of the fact that they offer plenty amounts of storage.  Yet, the majority of storage spaces that are in most homes are hidden and closed off.  So let’s put a reverse on this architectural detail by providing open shelving.  Whether you decide to use them in your bathroom, kids’ area or kitchen, open shelving will present an easier access to your items as well as more openness within your space.

Open Shelving Ideas: Adding Valuable Space to your Interiors 

Adding Valuable Space to your Interiors

Image via: Meikel Reece

Light and mounting ideas for open shelving

Now, you can chose to use light naturally or artificially.  For the natural touch look around your home and see if you have a window that you are able to install open shelves in front of, this will help to create a light airiness to the space.  If the artificial is more your style then, create your shelves with a translucent material like frosted glass and install lighting underneath them.  The artificial lighting will help to bring out the appearance of the shelving. Having opening shelving that is located off the wall can operate both as a storage area and display accent for your collectibles.  The pieces that are on the shelving will be a showcase for them versus disappearing in a closed cabinet.  Or perhaps, you want the open shelving idea yet still need privacy then go for open shelving with sliding doors that are translucent.  You can still have your discretion and have that openness that the see-through material gives.

open shelving kitchen

Image via: Joe Olson

Adding a modern design style to your interiors

Perhaps, you just want to switch up the look of your out- dated cabinetry.  Then remove the doors and paint the cabinets a new color that will help to brighten the space.  Have the color on the exterior of the cabinets contrast with the color on the interiors of the cabinet.  This idea is great for wanting to add interest without having to paint the entire area and will go well in any kitchen or kids’ area. This idea can work in home offices, large living rooms that need division, or even in laundry and utility rooms.

Creating functional space with open shelving ideas

Put some open shelving in your kid’s rooms.  This will help them to be more responsible and independent about organizing their things.  Set up taller shelves for items that adults can use and smaller ones for children’s toys and books. Or even if you have a small living space set in some open shelves to help open up the space and set order to your items.

open shelving room divider

Image via: MusaDesign Interior Design

Open shelving can be a great asset to your home.  They will help to keep and maintain your home in a decorative and orderly fashion.  Just remember that whatever you choose to leave on the shelf is out there for all to see and if your home is prone to dust particles then it will probably end up on the items.  Other than that open your home up to the beautiful décor that open shelving can bring.