Ottoman Coffee Tables -10 Wonderful Must See Ideas

Who would have thought that ottoman coffee tables would be invented to combine seating, storage and organization all in one piece of furniture?  Well, that is the case and there are wonderful ideas out there to update a living room and make a home cozier.   I often think of guests and entertaining and the need for additional seating using this type of concept or that of benches.   Often during holidays, birthdays or other family events the number of people needed to sit will be greater than the furnishings available.  For that reason take a look at these ten examples chosen by our editors.  There are examples featuring different shapes such as rectangular and circular as well as vary types of upholstery such as fabric or leather.

This idea is perhaps one of the easiest to create just by having trays that can sit atop and provide a stable place to place things.  It’s a very low profile much like you would see in front of a large sofa.

ottoman coffee table in home living room

I remember my mother saying to not put my feet on the furniture.  This solution solves that problem.  In fact, many people could have their feet up there at the same time.  I do like the storage space underneath as that is always a challenge to keep a room looking picked up and tidy.

modern home with sofa and table

This round example really meshes well with the curves of the sofa.  Think about how a simple table top such as this can then provide a solution.  Also, it can be made portable allowing for it to be removed and put away when not needed.

The tufted upholstery look is just classic.  This large pair can accommodate a few guests or similarly, one person could place them together and stretch out on them.

This is nearly a whole room of furniture when you look closely.  That is a large piece in the center that could also be moved on one end of the sectional if more floor space was needed for activities.

I do like how this designer combined fabric, patterned upholstery and leather all in one room scene.  Many people are not that bold to try it, but when it comes together it is lovely.

We saw very few open air bottom models and here is one.  It may be harder to shop and find these, but they are out there on the market.

This decorating technique can even be pulled off in a smaller living room like you see in the above picture.  Many of you are in apartments or lofts and something like this may fit your situation.

It’s amazing how using trays creates ottoman coffee tables like in the above picture.  It would be neat if the tray spun around so that if food was served a person would have access to all the dishes.  You can likely find a tray like this or even a square model online and do this in your own home.

ottoman coffee table with tufted leather

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Ottoman Coffee Tables -10 Wonderful Must See Ideas
Who would have thought that ottoman coffee tables would be invented to combine seating, storage and organization all in one piece of furniture? Well, that
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