12 Amazing Outdoor Rocking Chairs | Ideas and Designs

Set the scene in your beautiful backyard, patio or porch with outdoor rocking chairs that are not only lounge-worthy but stylish and fun too. You’d be surprised how many wonderful styles these classic furniture pieces can be designed in, which is why we thought it was time to share some of our favorite ideas and designs. From rustic-inspired to modern finished, let’s take a good look at some outdoor rocking chairs that will transform your place of R&R into something even more special.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs for Southwestern Style Home

You might not know what these are from first glance because of their smooth legs, these pieces have a distinct contemporary flair but with the function of classic rocking as well. Piled around the unique fire pit in a zen and fashion-forward space, this is quite the inspiring back patio.

banana fiber outdoor chairs

For a bit of Asian spice, check out these unique, wicker styles! They create an organic and natural air around your backyard, with an interesting and original take on classic outdoor styles. We think they’d look even better with a couple of colorful pillows and throws atop of  them throughout crisper, fall evenings.

Pool Side Outdoor Rocking Chairs

These black and white designs are unusually built and beautiful to look at. Chic, clean and with contemporary structure, these modern beauties fit perfectly in this uber modern backyard pool area. They’re stylish and fashion-forward enough to stand on their own without any overwhelming, bright colors or extra accessories.

contemporary rocking chair design

Rustic and more traditional in design, this piece certainly has an artistry all its own with a more homey presence. Built with a mixed material vision in mind, we love the “big wheel” bones and multi-shaded seat. We see this piece on the front of a plantation home with a gorgeous, wrap-around porch or even in the back of the house near your outdoor fireplace and cozy hammocks.

Gaivota rocking chair and dog

This design has a definitely masculine energy but, again, with a more stylish finish than classic, outdoor pieces. It sits well near the front door as a place to take off your boot’s after a long day’s work or a seat to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa in the evening. It will blend well with a more traditional home and theme but has a more youthful vibe than dull placement.

Greenbelt outdoor Rocker Made of Walnut

A chair with a definite “vacation” vibe, this seat mixes tradition and holiday spirit with simplicity and ease. It’s legs have a more classic style while the woven cushions make for a unique topping. All it needs is a bit of color, like mango oranges and cherry reds,  and furniture accent to create a space of rest and relaxation around it.

Beach Side outdoor rocking loungers

Made for the beach, these may not have any arms, but their modern lines work well within the confines of pampered afternoons and evenings. They rock just like your grandmother’s favorite but they can also add a sense of luxury and posh style to your pool area. The basket undertone makes it a more nautical design, perfect for your backyard in the summertime.

outdoor rocking chair and table

Featuring a more rustic and masculine design, this design even comes with a matching side table. Made with wood but with a more interesting and artistic take on design, we love how this piece acts not only as a functional piece of furniture that blends in with its more country, natural setting but also adds an original outlook on backyard style.

Rocking Chair with Open Backrest

This one is a piece of art in and of itself. It’s got the trending, “floating” element that everyone finds interesting and focused. But it’s also a neutral tone that will mesh with a variety of style themes and visions. So, if you’re looking for a welcoming, yet modern piece, this is the rocking chair you need to check out!

rattan outdoor rocking chairs

Bold and chunky, these black rockers also blend several fun styles all into one: Asian, contemporary and simple outdoors man feelings. They’re simple yet powerful enough to stand on their own without a lot of chaos or over-stylizing. Sitting simply by the pool, fire pit or even your front door, these beauties will spruce up and make that nook even more comfortable.

traditional wooden rocking chair

Most likely the most traditional style of the bunch, this rocking piece has a bit of unique design blended in easily into a welcoming finish. This piece fits well on wrap around, country-inspired porches and patios. It’s got a southern charm that more modern chairs and designs could never undertake, which is why it deserves a spotlight.

unique black outdoor folding rocking chair

You may think this one is just a pool lounger, but it rocks too! We love this two-in-one, fashion-forward design. The black, of course, fits in with a variety of home style themes but it also goes well with a sleek and contemporary vision. We love its innovative bone structure and the way it actually “works,” what do you think?

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Set the scene in your beautiful backyard, patio or porch with outdoor rocking chairs that are not only lounge-worthy but stylish and fun too.