Outdoor Decor Envy with Fuego Stainless Steel and Teak Gas Grill

The Fuego is a luxurious outdoor gas grill combining stainless steal with teak trim. Along with the teak, Fuego Stainless Steel comes with slate countertops, dual burners, and a drawer system that tactfully conceals the gas tank from view. There are two burners producing 37,000 BTUs providing ample heat for outdoor cooking with any type of fare. The cooking tops are made of heavy cast iron. A neat option is a drawer system that uses infrared, gas, or charcoal heat where you can cook in the drawers or keep food warm. A challenge I find in grilling on the patio is having enough space to cook the entire menu on one appliance. There are two outdoor gas grill models available. Pictured here is the Fuego 01. The 02 model is scaled down from the one pictured here. Available at: Fine Home Appliances. Price: 01 model – $2,987; 02 model – $1,647.

Outdoor Patio Party Decor

Fuego Outdoor Gas Grill

Fuego Teak Slate Iron Cooktop

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