Accent Your Furniture With Faux Painting

Faux Painting


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Faux Painting Walls and Furniture

Enhance interior decor with faux painting.



I recently purchased a new home and could not wait to make a personal impression on the basic white walls that surrounded me. As many of you have done I resorted to the multitude of color swatches the local paint and home improvement stores offered to shed some light on the subject.

There I was introduced to some really great colors and proceeded to paint a few rooms. Of coarse, I am no Rembrandt but I can tape and roll with the best of them and this proved to be a great improvement.

by then I was told about Faux painting and decided to take my interior design a step further. I admit I was initially intimidated by the beautiful walls the professional had done, but I really wanted to make my home spectacular.

One of my goals was to accent the furniture and accessories I decorated my home with for a complete and well-matched appearance. For a good color guide, I looked in many of the current periodicals such as Metropolitan Home and Elle Decor to see what the best and most current trends looked like.

This was very helpful and I did change to a much lighter theme as a result.

It was now time to learn how to create some of the various styles from simple sponge painting to some heavily textured almost stone-like finishes.

I found a leisure learning class that was extremely helpful and in a matter of hours I had a well-rounded knowledge of the overall concept. A few art niches and accent walls came first and later I moved to the bathrooms, not to overdo the larger rooms.

The true test was my first dinner party, and everyone was not only impressed with my great new look but they could not believe I had done this myself. Some of my guests even wanted me to help with their homes.

One thing I strongly suggest is to practice on white poster board to perfect your masterpiece and get the desired effect before you tackle the walls. Consider leaving the ceilings a solid color for some dimension, you can overdo a good thing.

Finally, do not try and skimp on cheap paints and glazes, the designer paints have a better end result and paint is a reasonable way to change looks anyway.

Good luck and go for it, remember you can always go back to white anytime, and if I can do it you can too.