Parting of the Ways: 10 Sleek Sliding Doors

Whether they’re found on a closet, in a loft, or on the breezeway leading to a back patio, a great set of sliding doors is always an arresting way to introduce a guest from one part of a space to another.  The sheer act of pulling a pair of them apart or sliding a singular pane aside to grant access to a new portion of a home is rather grand in and of itself; the sweeping motion it requires just lends a sense of elegance to an otherwise mundane moment.  Today, we’ve pulled together a vast array of images on the subject, ranging from candy-colored, wave-edged acrylic notions to dark, sleek, grandiose walnut versions that wouldn’t be out of place leading advisors from a professional foyer into a boardroom.  Whichever one strikes your fancy the most might be an indicator of just how whimsical you are, or perhaps of just how far your imagination can comfortably stretch when it comes to new ideas for the architectural elements of a home.  Without further ado: let us get the door(s) for you.

sliding glass doors


pop art sliding doors


aluminum sliding doors


fancy sliding doors


elegant sliding doors


translucent sliding doors


modern sliding doors


upcycled sliding doors


modern wardrobe doors


walnut sliding doors


Several elements in today’s series found at Modernus.