Italian chairs

Pedrali Celebrates 50 Years of Italian Chairs with Art

Every spring in Milan, the best and brightest new furniture designers come out to play and show their wares while the tried-and-true classics share news of forthcoming collections and impressive advances.  Perhaps one of the more notable moments in the latter category at this year’s Milan Design Week — also known by its formal title,  Salone Internazionale del Mobile — came to us from Pedrali, a brand celebrating its 50 year anniversary in existence, as well as its 25th year at the annual event.  With a clever, eye-popping ad campaign using its own bright Italian chairs as modular pieces of an overall art statement, the company capped off its fifth decade making beautiful furniture, not the least of which is beautifully highlighted in the campaign.  Never one to shy away from color, this Italian furniture maker is certainly living la dolce vita these days, and deservedly so.  Known for the fine craftsmanship and heritage of its tables and chairs made solely in Italy, this national treasure is something to be celebrated.  Viva Italia!


Italian chairs


Pedrali chairs


colorful chairs


Photo credits: Leftloft/Pedrali

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