Perfect White Chair for your Living Room

I know it is a bold statement the “perfect white chair for your living room“. Obviously, we all have somewhat different design tastes. But, let’s break this down a bit further. The perfect chair will sit comfortably, look great, add to the decor of the room, and not dominate the living room. When you think of those four it does become hard to find the right white chair. Pictured here is Tok from Varier. Tok is a recliner that is designed by Toshiyuki Kita and Ole Petter Wullum. An amazing feature of the white chair is the amount of technology that went into its design. The shape and curves are designed to create an effortless seating area that supports the body in all the right places. Norwegians have been famous for their chair designs being some of the most comfortable in the world. Imagine watching a movie from this seat.

perfect white chair