Petite Bedroom Chest – Couliss by Ligne Roset Furnishings

Finding a petite bedroom chest in today’s world is challenging.   Couliss by Ligne Roset defies the norm and challenges the boundaries on its size alone.   Bigger is better seems to be the mantra spoken in many countries.  Also, as consumers we buy more and more things without the propensity to get rid of possessions no longer used.   Some may call it hording and others may call it collecting, but that is up for individual interpretation.   Ask yourself when you last saw a dainty piece of furnishing that was not antique or from another generation.  The answer is likely “no” as is what came to mind for me when I pondered that question while inspecting this lovely piece.

petite bedroom chest Ligne Roset Couliss

The wood top is such a clever design.  I like the inclusion of raised edges to prevent coins, lipstick and other items from falling to the floor.   The sliding top is simple and effective opening up a great sized compartment where many possessions could be stored.   One thought is that a purse could be placed here and kept covered up by the lid.  That way it would always be in the same place when leaving the house.

use of Ayous wood in furniture making

Long and skinny legs make me think dainty and elegant.  There is nothing wasted here by the designer.  That was part of the plan all along to allow this piece to go into so many different settings.  It can be placed near a wall or against a bed with ease making it very flexible.   It’s also gender neutral working well for either a man or a woman in their room.  How about the grain of the wood?  The top is constructed out of Ayous wood in an elephant leather stain.  It is known by other names in Africa such as Obeche in Nigera, Wawa in Ghana and Samba in the Ivory Coast.  You can see from the grain and stain color that it looks familiar.  It is often used in making guitars.

sliding top storage furnishing wood metal

This is a good picture angle where you can see just how small the petite bedroom chest is.   Couliss would work well in a flat or small apartment by not taking up too much space and being light enough to be relocated on a moment’s notice.   I applaud Ligne Roset for adding a smaller furnishing such as this to its storied product line thereby giving consumers more options on sizes.

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Finding a petite bedroom chest in today’s world is so challenging. Couliss by Ligne Roset defies the norm and challenges the boundaries on its size alone
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