Playful Furnishing : Shanghai Table by Established and Sons

Eclectic designs were once a preserve of the esoteric, the minimalists at heart. Today, many are embracing the combination of whimsy, chic and cleanness espoused by eclectic décor. The Shanghai Table by Established and Sons is a modern display of whimsical, playful elegance infused with a statement of simplicity. In creating this structurally versatile table, designer Allesandro Ciffo experiments with solid, sharp clean lines and contrasts these minimalist attributes with a splurge of color as is depicted by the multicolored beams.


Shanghai Table by Established and Sons


Largely reminiscent of toy blocks, the colorful silicone beams serve as an unusual, yet trendy buttress for the glass tabletop. Designed with versatility and interchangeability in mind, they can be rearranged into myriad styles without compromising the support they lend to the entire unit. The Shanghai Table by Established & Sons has the ability to remodel itself to effortlessly adapt to diverse spaces such as minimalist, contemporary, transitional, or eclectic interiors. In particular, the choice of colorful support beams will add an eye-catching color contrast to any room.


Shanghai Table by Established & Sons


The clean trim of the see-through glass tabletop adds to the simple yet sophisticated elegance of this decorative piece. Owing to its intrinsic flexibility, Shanghai not only serves as a coffee table; it can also be re-invented into a dining table by manipulating the structural placement of the silicone beams. In its entirety, this table cleverly merges the informal with the formal, playfulness with profundity, utility with inventiveness; contrasts that will enliven any space.

Would you prefer Shanghai as a coffee table or as a dining delight?


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Shanghai Table
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