PlumeBlanche’s Leather And Diamond Encrusted Luxury Sofa

French design company PlumeBlanche are pros when it comes to designing luxury furniture. Their latest creation is a new couch with  diamond-studded platinum buttons. The limited edition luxury sofa is unapologetically opulent and has been upholstered in the finest of white leather. Featuring a solid mahogany frame, the fully biodegradable latex and full grain leather has been processed by the Meilleur Ouvrier de France and the PlumeBlanche logo is encrusted with sparkly half a carat diamonds. The 2.22-meters long, 1.11-meters high and 0.85-meters wide sofa is customizable and will be limited to only 50 copies. Prices begin at $187,175 and the sofa can be done in any of the 60 leather colors and 500 lacquer colors available.

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