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Polar Sofa by Tacchini: A Gorgeous Fashion Monument

Designer Pearson Lloyd didn’t try to mask his inspiration for the Polar sofa from Tacchini.  The smooth, organic forms immediately evoke the natural shapes of floating ice formations in the polar ice caps.  The modular units are based on a long, bench-style seat, and can be linked to create a sectional or left as a stand-alone sofa with room for two or three.  The backrest, formed from another organic block balanced on the bench seat cushion, adds height, comfort, and a further enhances the abstract, natural shape of the Polar sofa.


Polar Sofa by Tacchini

Curvy sofa


The variety of pieces, all based on the same style but featuring variations on C-curves, scalloped edges, and straight lines, add to the seemingly random form of the Polar collection, especially when used in a grouping to fill a large open space.  Even when the Polar sofa (or complimentary armchairs) aren’t upholstered in icy white, their organic lines still conjure images of the elements found in Mother Nature.


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Their softness harmonizes with the contemporary minimalism, creating a sofa that is both modern and inviting.  Its unique styling is sure to become a central aspect of your living room, setting the tone for a clean and subtle design.  To finish the look, scatter round, low profile side tables that blend with the sweeping lines of the Polar sofa by Tacchini.  This is one group with a monumental presence that you don’t want to miss.  What do you love the most about this naturally stylish collection?

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