The Many Options of Unfinished Furniture

After being in the retail furniture business for the past 20 years I have seen so many people find the perfect bedroom or dining set but not purchase because it was the wrong stain or type of wood. Why not start off with a blank canvas and let your creativity go to work and make yourself a one of a kind. There is a great selection of unfinished furniture out there in woods that readily take a stain like maple, alder, pine, birch, and of coarse oak. Several advantages come to mind in the “do it yourself” plan. First you can get a great piece of furniture in the exact stain you want to fit an existing decor or start a new direction altogether. Also you can customizing with hand painting, crackling, distressing, or stenciling, and really make your own statement. In addition, many of the unfinished pieces are solid wood so you can usually find a quality item often much better than the typical veneer over particle board construction. Who knows, you may even have some fun!


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