Modern Bathroom Design by Mastella of Italy

Want to see what modern bathroom design is supposed to look like, Mastella of Italy can give us all some decorating ideas. Sure the bathrooms themselves are much more spacious than the average floor plan calls for so just focus on the vanities, cabinets, sinks, mirrors, and bath tubs that I am sure will look great in you bathroom regardless of size. Mastella of Italy has been redefining the standards of modern bathroom design since its inception in 1984 by managing director Antonio Mastella. See more inspiring bathroom designs and furniture that tastefully accentuate the most visited room in every home.

modern italian bathroom vanity design.jpg
modern tubs free standing bathtubs.jpg

contemporary wash basins mastella.jpg
double sink and vanity mastella.jpg
contemporary bathroom design mastella.jpg
freestanding bathtubs mastella modern bathrooms.jpg
modern italian bathroom design mastella.jpg
contemporary shower stalls and bathroom design.jpg
modern bathroom design mastella.jpg
bathroom design and modern vanity.jpg
bathroom lighting and design mastella.jpg
modern bathroom cabinets and storage mastella.jpg
moderrn bathroom cabinets and design.jpg
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