Pretzel Bench by Abie Abdillah is Comfortable Rattan Seating

The Pretzel Bench, created by Abie Abdillah and introduced at the IFFS/AFS Singapore Furniture Fair 2011 is made of rattan, which is a very solid and elastic material, similar to bamboo, but more durable yet pretty light. The Pretzel Bench can be a very comfortable seating solution both for indoors and outdoors activities, although a bamboo-like seating arrangement would rather fit an outdoor event. Looking at the Pretzel Bench from either side you’ll notice it resembles very much a pretzel, the famous German tasty snack that you can grab virtually anywhere in the world, and that explains the name of the bench. We’ll also notice the innovative design as, in order to achieve this pretzel-like frame, the designer used long rattan poles that are cleverly bent to obtain the final form of this interesting furniture item. Via Design Boom

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