Pure modern kitchens from Poggenpohl

At Furniture Fashion, we are big fans of modernism and enjoy the simplicity, form, and function offered by this style of design. I was moved when read a statement from Poggenpohl about its thoughts on modern purism.
“Derived from cubism by Le Corbusier, purism is the art movement oriented towards the severe form and clear structure of composition which also found its expression in the Bauhaus school of design. Modern purism from Poggenpohl is based on this tradition, applying it to the design and functionality of the modern kitchen. ”

There is truth in that statement when I look at pictures of their work. There is little left to waste and a push to get to the core of the purpose of each component in the overall design. Everything belongs, fits together, and yet provides its own unique look and overall blend. Though they are a German based company, there are showrooms and dealers all over the world where you can see their creations up close and personal.

modern german kitchens poggenpohl