A New Face For an Old Closet with CedarSafe

Keeping with our motto “get surrounded” here is your chance to easily surround your valuable clothes with the aroma and beauty of a cedar closet. Not only will the addition be naturally beautiful, the safe guard to you clothing will be a definite step up from mothballs. CedarSafe Closet Panels are easily applied to existing walls and minimal tools are required to transform your closet space. Closet Safe offers chemical free planks or panels and will even help plan the amount of material you will need with the 4 step planner on their site. The products are available at Home Depot and Lowe’s to name a few and the average closet can be transformed for around $400.00. Panels are available as individual 1/4″ x 4’x8′ panels or as a Project Pak of four (4) 1/4″ x 16″x48″panels. Installation is a do-it-yourself project that requires a claw hammer, tri-square, saw, and nails or adhesive. In addition to insect protection, cedar closets also offer protection from mildew and mold that are proven to be a health risk.

cedar closets by cedarsafe