Puzzle Modern Outdoor Furniture Is Not Puzzling At All

The Puzzle Modern Outdoor Furniture offers a very interesting and very modern furniture set ready to suit all your needs. The Puzzle set made by Ego Paris will offer you nine pieces ready to help you accommodate some of your friends visiting your beach house or attending your outdoor parties. Each Puzzle set will offer you 2 sun loungers, 2 low tables, 4 lounge-chairs and an extra table. So why is the set called the Puzzle? Well after each use, all of the elements of the 9-piece Puzzle set can be stacked up and neatly stored away without taking too much of your space. That’s not puzzling at all, is it?

Puzzle Outdoor Furniture 1.jpg
Puzzle Outdoor Furniture 2.jpg

Puzzle Outdoor Furniture 3.jpg
Puzzle Outdoor Furniture 4.jpg
Puzzle Outdoor Furniture 5.jpg
Puzzle Outdoor Furniture 6.jpg
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