Quite the Architectural Lamp: The Cleo Floor Light

cleo lamp

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In a world in which increasing emphasis is placed on retro, vintage and old-school finds, it can be a breath of fresh air to see bold, even brash new designs emerging from the pack with no apology whatsoever.  While we love a classic line, a foolproof example of old-style craftsmanship and traditional pieces that won’t ever go out of style, we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for outlandish designs that reach so far into the future, they only make sense to a tiny slice of their audience.  Such is the case for the Cleo floor light from Martinelli Luce.  Designed by Andrea Zanini of AZ Design, the lamp is essentially a towering, asymmetrical structure made of aluminum, finished in a white or mirrored surface with a dimmer included.  One hundred and ninety five centimeters in height, the light uses a 400-watt bulb to illuminate the space around it in a perfectly imperfect square of light.  The decidedly architectural lamp is available in Europe through approved distributors.  Let there be light!


 Architectural Lamp - The Cleo Floor Light


architectural lamp


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Photo credits: Martinelli Luce