Quite the Climb: Amazing Modern Staircases

Let’s all be thankful that after eating far more turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes than anyone ever really should, most of us don’t have to climb a never-ending series of steps to crawl into bed for a midwinter’s nap. In homage to the act of burning calories, though — something we’ll all get to… oh, perhaps tomorrow or the next day — we present six amazing modern staircases, each a work of art on its own.  Every one in the collection is a critical study in balance and form; cantilevers and helix shapes dominate the currently flotation-obsessed landscape of contemporary stairs, causing more than a moment or two of hesitation before we suspend our disbelief rather literally and step onto them.  These optical illusions may require a strong leap of faith along with each timid step, but we’re willing to bet the view from the top is completely worth the climb.


Quite the Climb: Amazing Modern Staircases



cool staircases



cantilevered stairs



floating stairs



floating staircase



amazing staircase