Quite the Perch: Very Modern Stools by Velichko Velikov

Terms like “bold, brash and in-your-face” and “sensuous, sinewy and elegant” don’t always mesh well together, but when they do, the effect can be indelible.  Take these very modern stools from Velichko Velikov, for one.  This concept piece, named “The Leaf” by its designer, takes the tenets of good architecture and blends them with the ethereal whimsicality that only comes from an unbound artist.  Made of two parts — a clean wire metal seat covered in felt, plus a concrete base made with organic fibers stemming up to the “leaf” on top.  Although it’s a work in progress that isn’t yet available for purchase, we certainly hope Velikov makes his concept into an attainable reality for design enthusiasts everywhere.  Even if it’s only available in commercial properties — the hottest bars and clubs, for instance — its unique form and artful execution are sure to make patrons take note and remember it long after passing by a series in a hotel lobby or perching atop one for a cocktail in a trendy lounge.  When the ultramodern takes its cues from nature and does so in a way that’s respectful of the rules of composition and form, the result is a timelessness that transcends trend and fad.  Here’s hoping these “leaves” in particular will take root someday.


Very Modern Stools by Velichko Velikov


leaf barstool


Leaf Barstool Frame by Velichko Velikov


Photo credits: Velichko Velikov