10 Amazing Reading Chairs for Decorating a Library

Finding reading chairs for decorating a library are not as easy as it sounds.  Seating ideas have changed a great deal with the advent of laptops, tablets and e-readers.  The thought now is that this activity can be performed anywhere due to the portability of electronics.   That being said, reading is an act best conducted in a quiet place away from distractions of the world.   Having a library in a home is a wonderful thing for a true book lover.  I know that my wife would love to have one in our house and load it up with law books and legal journals.  If you do decide to have one in your home or are lucky enough to purchase a property that has one, you need to consider proper seating.  That is where our editors come in with today’s article which features ten amazing examples to gaze upon.   It’s our hope that these ideas will get you inspired about decorating and make you dream of cozily relaxing in the quiet solitude of this room.

Creative Furniture Design Using Wood

Couldn’t you see this on a university campus and some young adults enjoying this?  I imagine a college that has a lot of sculpture blended throughout the grounds would benefit from a piece like this.  It’s a wonderful example of creative furniture design.

corner chair with storage for books magazines

Not many accents work in a corner, but the one above does.  This yellow idea boasts lots of built in storage perfect for magazines and catalogs.   A student could use this as well for storing binders and books in the slots.  This is another fun piece to gaze at.

minimal white leather chaise lounge on rug

Now we get much more minimal in this gorgeous white leather lounge.  If you like to read and take a snooze this may be the perfect combination.  I can see this in a contemporary space really creating quite a visual appeal to a room.

Reading Rocking Chair in Home Living Room

I must admit that having the ability to rock back and forth makes sitting much more comfortable over a period of time.  The rocking chair above is a perfect example of combining both elements of rocking and relaxation.  I do think getting in and out of the chair may have some challenges, but I am sure it could be mastered quickly.

chair and ottoman set for a man

Here is the all around favorite among men being a chair and ottoman set with a matching side table.  Besides books, watching sports would be a huge interest from this position.

round artistic seating for library

This picture has been all over the internet in many stories and blog posts.  It’s another great example of art that would be perfect in a school for students to enjoy and immerse themselves in their studies.

small portable and armless chair in leather

This small chair has no arms and a small set of legs.  I like that it is easily portable in a home and has a small foot print.  Many people have little space to work with so having examples like this helps give them ideas about their apartment or loft.

unusual modern furniture design in red plastic

Here is more of a concept chair that you may not find on the retail market.  I found it so interesting that I wanted to include it in this article.  The storage ability, red color and curves make it a great example of modern design.   The choice of plastic is also very unusual as opposed to the other ten examples.

Here is another model that is built for comfort and long periods of sitting.  Imagine leaning back and taking in a few chapters.  I can picture that so easily while enjoying a beverage.

orange seating in front of bookcase

One might not think of these as reading chairs, but look at them in this room setting in front of a book case.  It would be great to sit back and study for an exam while sitting cross-legged.  Keep an open mind about what may work and ideas like this will come to light.

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10 Amazing Reading Chairs for Decorating a Library
Finding reading chairs for decorating a library are not as easy as it sounds. Seating ideas have changed a great deal with the advent of laptops, tablets