Gorgeous & Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Furniture

It is really encouraging to see just how much the world market is embracing the reclaimed wood furniture items being produced out of otherwise forgotten materials. Like so many natural elements it would seemingly be used one time. Well the barns, buildings and homes of the past are being systematically deconstructed with the intention of maintaining the full aged beauty and characteristics of the lumber that will eventually make a second debut as a great looking piece of new furniture. Here are some of the gorgeous platform beds and night stands made from literally any and every type of reclaimed wood and in many cases numerous species within one item. I really love the story here for not only the ecologically conscious whose deforestation issues may be lessened but also for the aesthetic beauty that only the many years of patina and exposure to the elements can offer.


It is really amazing how such a rustic look can transition into modern surroundings and stand on its own which is truly the test of a great design. One thing the consumer needs to be aware of is that when shopping for reclaimed wood furniture it is important to understand every item is unique and if you see an item you really like get the exact one you are seeing as the next one could be drastically different. Unless you are a person willing to roll the dice on the one you will be getting it is important to remember difference is always a good thing. We hope you like some of the re purposed wood beds we found that really caught our sense of good looks, design and functionality. Also take a look at some outstanding Modern Platform Beds that may fit your renovation or remodeling project here.

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