Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables – 10 Decorative Ideas

There is something special about reclaimed wood dining tables in that there is a history to the furniture in how it came into being.  I had a chance to witness wood that came from an old farmhouse from early 1910s at a colleague’s house.  I can’t tell you how interesting it was to hear about the history and just how the furnishing was made and fashioned into the area were now sitting and eating.   It’s a wonderful idea to shop for a piece like this and makes for a great story during conversation with friends.

Techniques today have really advanced allowing for improved preservation and recovery of the original luster and strength of lumber.  One concern I hear of is whether or not the furnishing will last.  The truth is that it will last and in fact will often far surpass something just manufactured.  Keep in mind that the quality of trees selected was far superior than today.   It’s with that hope in mind that these ten amazing ideas may inspire you to the possibilities of owning a your own piece of history.

reclaimed wood dining table with chairs

Those are very sturdy boards making up the length of the example in the above picture.  You can see that the grain is exquisite and clean with no visible flaws.  It has just enough edginess to it to create some mystique.

farm house table that seats ten people

Couldn’t you see this idea in a farm house?   It’s long and has country style legs dating it back many years.   Note the modern red chairs though.  Again think about how you can combine old with new as a decorating theme.

contemporary reclaimed dining table set with chairs

It’s wonderful to see a contemporary base applied in the design of the piece above.  The base has great curves and angles creating a clean modern look that is influenced by age.

butcher block eating area with chairs

The first idea that came to my mind was a butcher block.  The dining table above features rectangles and right angles in a very clean look.  I do think the bench adds a nice element to compliment the entire room.

What a wonderful grain in the above suggestion!  It’s worn from use, but with a story to tell.  It’s construction is so solid that it will last a very long time.

Here is a lighter stained suggestion as many have been darker that have been featured so far.  Think about how this can be paired with other furniture and colors as you put a home together.

This long and narrow idea can seat many guests, but won’t leave a lot of room in the center for storing plates, candles and other accessories.  For a more streamlined room, something like this may fit in nicely.

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