10 Fantastic Reclaimed Wood Table Designs for Home Interiors

Searching for reclaimed wood table designs is emotionally rewarding knowing that you are doing a service to the environment and to the dwindling amount of forests on planet earth.  It’s very easy to go and buy something new knowing you are the first owner.  Think about the car industry.  Many people may not be able to get past the thought that there was another owner at some point.  Furniture is different though in that it can be easily cleaned and sterilized and does not have the moving parts of an engine that could be permanently damaged.   Another neat aspect is the do it yourself route.  Some of these ideas can be made in house which can be fun for those that like to tackle projects.   Our hope is that these ten fantastic ideas show you something that will work in your living space.

reclaimed wood table designs

In the above example you can see the age and wear on the wood which has been through a great deal and probably seen a lot of things in its life.  Notice that the legs are a chrome nickel color most associated with modern and clean.  I like to point that out how the overall appearance combines the elements of old with new to create a whole new furnishing look.

This coffee variety features a simple rectangular shape and showcases the great grain on the lumber.  The construction is not that challenging so this could be taken on and built by a person that loves projects.

This idea features a classic look which will work in most home interiors.  There is a great amount of surface area to store magazines, remotes and even a person’s feet.  I do like the sturdiness and think this would work well with small children and pets in the house.

furniture made from weathered wood

It is amazing how rugged this concept is.  Notice how great it works next to the light colored hardwoods.   There is a great contrast from the worn look to the clean and polished look of the floors.   My first thought was that these were some type of fence posts perhaps as the look like four inches by four inches in size.  Another possibility is that they came from an outdoor structure like a barn where they served as support beams.

This model has some storage underneath which I like as you can keep clutter off of the table top.   Notice there are castor wheels on it providing mobility should the owner need it in their home.

modern styled table constructed with wood pallet

This looks like a wooden pallet to me, but has small metal legs giving it a vintage modern feel.   The single board on the side is what tipped me to consider that as the origin.  This is another example that can be taken on and be built as a DIY project.  Installing the legs would be the most difficult part.  Building the pallet and adding a varnish coat would not be too hard.

The above one really caught my attention.  I felt as though I was looking at a lumber bin where two by fours were stacked up and waiting to be purchased by a shopper.  The uneven ends was very captivating making this have an artistic feel that makes it not look so simple.   Look how well it goes with the animal print rug.

coffee table made from four wood crates

Of all the reclaimed wood table designs this looks to be built from four wooden crates assembled together that had legs put on it.  I could see these being purchased at a garden or antique shop.   I wonder if those came from the beverage industry and once held bottle soft drinks.  That was just a hunch I had.

This conservative idea sure has some large wheels on it.  I bet those were put on to prevent scratching the wonderful flooring.   The overall construction is pretty simple when you consider all the boards and how they were fastened together.

old beer barrel turned into furniture

Using a barrel is a great idea.  This one was cut in half and a top put on it.   This model is pretty small making it very flexible in where it can be placed in a room.   Perhaps, beer or wine was kept inside it at one time.


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Searching for reclaimed wood table designs is emotionally rewarding knowing that you are doing a service to the environment and to the dwindling amount
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