Recovering – second hand upholstered furniture bargains

When looking at used furniture it is important to keep an open mind. I can think of countless images in my mind where I saw furniture and said to myself, “I would not have that in my house”. I might see that furniture being moved in the back of a pickup truck or in a second hand resale shop. Often these pieces look so old, used and dusty with the colors of the upholstery faded. Again the thought in my mind is no way in my house.
I read an article in last month’s issue of Metropolitan Home where a prominent interior designer purchased an older upholstered sofa. He wrote that upon seeing the piece, he knew it would be perfect for his Manhattan apartment. Of course, the designer saw the piece for what it could be and not for the condition of its current state. He recognized the make and manufacturer immediately and knew that in its day it was an expensive piece of furniture constructed with high quality standards and top grain woods.
We should not forget that upholstery and cushions can be replaced. Colors, fabric types and fabric patterns change style constantly. In particular when looking at an older piece, envision it with more modern and up to date fabric and colors. Recovering furniture is a common practice to keep the piece in style as well as remove the look of “wear and tear”. Recovering furniture may also be more cost effective consideration than replacement.
Second hand bargains can be found in upholstered furniture pieces. Owners are more inclined to dispose of these pieces more cheaply, than solid wood pieces such as dressers, chests and tables. The next time you are shopping give upholstered furniture pieces a second look and envision them in stylish trendy new colors and fabric.