Relaxing Soaking Tubs – 10 Fun and Therapeutic Designs

After a long day at work, relaxing soaking tubs are a wonderful way to rejuvenate the human spirit.  We all face so much stress in our daily lives that it makes perfect sense to build a home with the means to relieve those burdens.  For me, water therapy helps me forget about trials and tribulation freeing my mind to think more positive thoughts such as time with family, fond memories of the past or contemplating a new vacation.  Whatever reasons and challenges exist, a good soak can help snap a person into the moment while changing to a more positive outlook.  Cold climates can also benefit as well.  Hot or warm water relieves the deep chill in bones that come from extended exposure to cold.  Muscle ache and arthritis is treated with warm or cold water.  The medicinal benefits are numerous and apply to all sorts of people.   Let’s get inspired and look at ten therapeutic designs being showcased in this article.

wooden bathtub in white home bathroom

deep soaking tub in bronze copper metal

This bronze and copper example is particular striking.  Usually seen in faucets and shower heads, here it appears in its giant glory.  What a great central piece for a bathroom!

nickel plated Japanese Ofuro in modern home

This nickel example takes its inspiration from a Japanese Ofuro.  Though those are normally make of wood, this metal one looks amazing.

enamel finish tub on wooden base

circular granite bathing area in large home

This larger round one in the picture above could house a party of people.  It is like a small swimming pool that could easily accommodate two adults.  The granite is gorgeous on this piece featuring such nice marbling and a great rounded shape.

relaxing soaking tub with a window view

The copper model above has such great lines to it.  I like that it is narrow on the ends helping conserve the amount of water required for a good soak.  Notice how big the view is from windows providing natural light to the design.  I do like how the bathroom flooring features some wood along with the stone.  Combing those two materials helps it tie back to the other elements in the room.

natural rainfall in classic bathroom design

pretty bathroom design in cream and white

corner bath tub with fixture on wall

square bathing tub with deep walls

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